Fiat to Crypto Conversion Fees

– eToroX fee 1%
– Simplex fee 4%

Fiat to Crypto Conversion Limits

Min transaction
Max transaction
Max / Day
Max / Month

* Limits are in USD. The limits above are shown in GBP and EUR for convenience.
USD limits are:
Minimum transaction – $125
Maximum transaction – $10,000
Maximum daily limit – $20,000
Maximum monthly limit – $50,000

Crypto rate – actual market rate is determined by eToroX once the transaction is approved by Simplex.
While the payment is pending you may cancel it. To do so please open a ticket directly on Simplex website or use the Live Chat feature on the bottom right side of the website. Once the payment has been approved you may not cancel it.
Blockchain fees – blockchain fees apply for each crypto transaction and are deducted from the crypto purchased as well as the fees above.
Additional fees – for fees that your bank or card issuer may charge, please contact them directly (issuer may charge a variety of cash advance or foreign transaction fees for your card transaction, subject to the terms of your card agreement). The Merchant Category Code (MCC) is 6051.
Please note – your transaction will reflect on your credit card or banking statement as eToroX LTD. Credit card descriptor will be Simplex_eToroX. It will also show on your confirmation email (sent by Simplex).
For more information click here

Send/Receive transaction fees

eToroX charges no fees for sending or receiving transactions.
Blockchain fees are applicable for sending and receiving.

Crypto-to-Crypto conversion fees

eToroX charges a conversion fee of 0.1%.
Conversion rates are set according to eToro market rates.

XRP Wallet creation fee

XRP wallet creation costs are 45 XRP.
Fees are waived for first 25,000 customers to open XRP wallet until June 30 2019 (Terms).
XRP wallet opening costs XRPs. The 45XRP is what XRP calls the reserve. It is comprised of 20XRP base reserve and 25 XRP required to manage a multi-sig XRP wallet. This reserve must be held as a minimum reserve in the address and cannot be sent to other addresses.


XLM Wallet Creation

Stellar blockchain requires a minimum non-spendable deposit of 2.5 XLM for the activation of a XLM wallet. Once deposited the wallet is activated and you can see the wallet on the Stellar blockchain.

Send transaction limits

AE*:159,236-636,943; AERGO*:592,417-2,369,668; ANT*:81,833-327,332; AOA*:3,521,127-14,084,508; AUDX*:71,429-285,714; BAT*:200,803-803,213; BCH:$500,00-$200,000; BNT*:101,626-406,504; BRD*:177,117-708,468; BTU*:157,035-628,140; CADX*:65,789-263,158; CDT*:3,333,333-13,333,333; CHFX*:49,020-196,078; CNYX*:333,333-1,333,333; CVC*:972,763-3,891,052; DAI*:50,000-200,000; DENT*:100,000,000-400,000,000; EDR*:7,142,857-28,571,428; ELF*:384,615-1,538,462; ENJ*:581,395-2,325,581; ETH:$500,00-$200,000; EURS*:45,455-181,820; EURX*:45,124-180,497; FUN*:16,666,667-66,666,668; GBPX*:40,000-160,000; GLDX*:35-140; GNO*:3,274-13,096; GNT*:746,269-2,985,075; GUSD*:50,150-200,600; HOT*:22,727,273-90,909,092; HT*:11,038-44,152; JPYX*:5,376,344-21,505,376; KIN*:2,500,000,000-10,000,000,000; KNC*:255,102-1,020,408; LBA*:2,232,143-8,928,572; LINK*:22,936-91,743; LOOM*:1,592,357-6,369,428; LTC:$500,00-$200,000; MEDX*:12,500,000-50,000,000; MET*:80,972-323,888; META*:5,000,000-20,000,000; MFT*:41,666,667-166,666,668; MITH*:2,192,982-8,771,928; MKR*:86-344; MTL*:125,000-500,000; NEXO*:714,286-2,857,144; NMR*:10,730-42,920; NPXS*:125,000,000-500,000,000; NZDX*:74,627-298,507; OMG*:31,447-125,786; PAX*:50,000-200,000; PAY*:436,681-1,746,724; PMA*:125,000,000-500,000,000; POLY*:1,272,265-5,089,060; POWR*:884,956-3,539,824; PPT*:63,211-252,845; QASH*:526,316-2,105,264; QRL*:261,780-1,047,120; QSP*:4,166,667-16,666,668; RDN*:277,008-1,108,032; REP*:4,284-17,138; RUBX*:3,125,000-12,500,000; SLVX*:3,049-12,195; SNT*:2,500,000-10,000,000; STORJ*:314,663-1,258,652; STORM*:31,250,000-125,000,000; TUSD*:50,000-200,000; USDC:50,000-200,000; USDX*:50,000-200,000; WAX*:1,063,830-4,255,320; XLM:495,650-1,982,600; XRP:$500,00-$200,000; ZRX*:219,298-877,193;BTC:$500,00-$200,000
Maximum per transaction
Maximum per day

AE  AE*159,236636,943

AERGO  AERGO*592,4172,369,668

ANT  ANT*81,833327,332

AOA  AOA*3,521,12714,084,508

AUDX  AUDX*71,429285,714

BAT  BAT*200,803803,213

BCH  BCH$500,00$200,000

BNT  BNT*101,626406,504

BRD  BRD*177,117708,468

BTU  BTU*157,035628,140

CADX  CADX*65,789263,158

CDT  CDT*3,333,33313,333,333

CHFX  CHFX*49,020196,078

CNYX  CNYX*333,3331,333,333

CVC  CVC*972,7633,891,052

DAI  DAI*50,000200,000

DENT  DENT*100,000,000400,000,000

EDR  EDR*7,142,85728,571,428

ELF  ELF*384,6151,538,462

ENJ  ENJ*581,3952,325,581

ETH  ETH$500,00$200,000

EURS  EURS*45,455181,820

EURX  EURX*45,124180,497

FUN  FUN*16,666,66766,666,668

GBPX  GBPX*40,000160,000

GLDX  GLDX*35140

GNO  GNO*3,27413,096

GNT  GNT*746,2692,985,075

GUSD  GUSD*50,150200,600

HOT  HOT*22,727,27390,909,092

HT  HT*11,03844,152

JPYX  JPYX*5,376,34421,505,376

KIN  KIN*2,500,000,00010,000,000,000

KNC  KNC*255,1021,020,408

LBA  LBA*2,232,1438,928,572

LINK  LINK*22,93691,743

LOOM  LOOM*1,592,3576,369,428

LTC  LTC$500,00$200,000

MEDX  MEDX*12,500,00050,000,000

MET  MET*80,972323,888

META  META*5,000,00020,000,000

MFT  MFT*41,666,667166,666,668

MITH  MITH*2,192,9828,771,928

MKR  MKR*86344

MTL  MTL*125,000500,000

NEXO  NEXO*714,2862,857,144

NMR  NMR*10,73042,920

NPXS  NPXS*125,000,000500,000,000

NZDX  NZDX*74,627298,507

OMG  OMG*31,447125,786

PAX  PAX*50,000200,000

PAY  PAY*436,6811,746,724

PMA  PMA*125,000,000500,000,000

POLY  POLY*1,272,2655,089,060

POWR  POWR*884,9563,539,824

PPT  PPT*63,211252,845

QASH  QASH*526,3162,105,264

QRL  QRL*261,7801,047,120

QSP  QSP*4,166,66716,666,668

RDN  RDN*277,0081,108,032

REP  REP*4,28417,138

RUBX  RUBX*3,125,00012,500,000

SLVX  SLVX*3,04912,195

SNT  SNT*2,500,00010,000,000

STORJ  STORJ*314,6631,258,652

STORM  STORM*31,250,000125,000,000

TUSD  TUSD*50,000200,000

USDC  USDC50,000200,000

USDX  USDX*50,000200,000

WAX  WAX*1,063,8304,255,320

XLM  XLM495,6501,982,600

XRP  XRP$500,00$200,000

ZRX  ZRX*219,298877,193
BTC BTC$500,00$200,000

* For more information about ERC20 Tokens click here

Ethereum transactions

In order to enhance your assets security, eToro wallet is a multi-signature wallet, using smart contracts for Ethereum.
Unfortunately, not all wallet providers and exchanges support sending and receiving via smart contracts.
Please make sure you know the address provider on the receiving side supports ETH transactions sent from multi-signature addresses.
If there are issues encountered the receiving party’s provider needs to be contacted.

Crypto to Crypto conversion limits

Bitcoin:$20-$10,000; Litecoin:$20-$10,000; Bitcoin cash:$20-$10,000; Ethereum:$20-$10,000; Ripple:$20-$10,000; Stellar:$20-$10,000; EURX:$20-$10,000;
Minimum per transaction
Maximum per transaction

Bitcoin cash  Bitcoin cash


Ethereum  Ethereum

Litecoin  Litecoin

Ripple  Ripple

Stellar  Stellar
Bitcoin Bitcoin
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