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Algo trading has gained in popularity over the years, and today accounts for most of the trades through international exchanges. However, there is a difference between programmed trading and algo trading. Programmed trading breaks up large market orders into smaller packet shares. Algo trading can be divided into functional and nonfunctional requirements.

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Many traders believe that scalping is a bad thing, but it isn’t, and it generally results in significant profits. Scalping is entirely different from other trading strategies. It relies on the variance between the asking price and the bid of a security. It aims to create substantial impact on the market, where the trader creates a bid-ask spread. However, this is not a simple and straightforward strategy, and is most certainly not for the amateurs — plus it requires serious capital.

  • Get market data: Download and store structured and unstructured data. Structured data includes real-time market data transmitted using a specific protocol, and unstructured data means information from social media and news channels.
  • Define a trading strategy: Specify new trading rules and strategies, with trading rules including an inequality, a trading indicator and a numerical value. You can then define your trading strategy by structuring the trading rules into a decision tree.
  • Analyze instruments: Data is obtained for each instrument and filtered through a trading strategy to determine which instrument to buy, or for each open position, which instrument to sell.


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